Posted: 6 months ago

Liberty Continues Social Projects

With the initiative of Liberty, those who are over age of 60, and are interested in learning something new, are given the opportunity to acquire a new profession and upgrade their skills at Natali Academy.

The completely free course will start on November 5th and within 9 weeks, project participants will learn the latest hairstyle techniques and art of makeup from professional stylists.

The project was launched in the summer with the support of Liberty and 30 participants received a certificate from Natali Academy.

"Due to the interest in this project, we have decided to continue the program and with the support of Liberty second-year students will also master the art of visual arts in addition to their various professional skills and will receive relevant certifications upon graduation, which creates their employment prospects," said Natalia Toloraia, the founder of Natali Academy Community College.

“Liberty continues to take care of its customers under the Social Responsibility Program and is constantly implementing exciting projects. With this unprecedented initiative, we have given the older generation the opportunity to master a new profession. We hope that the special spaces created by us in Tbilisi and in the regions will contribute to the self-realization of these people, '' said Levan Tkhelidze, Deputy Director General of Liberty.