Posted: 1 month ago

Liberty and the Georgian Red Cross Launch New Project to Help Elderly People

Liberty Bank and the Georgian Red Cross Society have launched a new project. Within the framework of the joint social project, the citizens of Georgia are given the opportunity to easily participate in the charity event through the special donation number - 16 222.

Food parcels purchased with mobilized cash will be accepted by single, elderly people over the age of 70 living across the country. The cost of 1 call to the donation number is 1 GEL.

According to the Georgian Red Cross Society, more than 50,000 elderly people have already benefited from such assistance. The charitable activities launched during the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic continue in the direction of reducing the risks of the pandemic, with the help of which many elderly people will be provided with the necessary food and personal hygiene items.

In addition, Liberty and the Georgian Red Cross continue to work together to reduce the risk of a pandemic, and Red Cross volunteers across Georgia are taking important steps to improve order and distance.

"As part of the Liberty Social Responsibility Program #Libertertiguli, it continues to take the necessary measures to combat the pandemic and cares for its elderly customers. Our priority is to minimize the need to visit the bank and, if necessary, create a safe environment when visiting the bank. We are pleased that the volunteers of the Georgian Red Cross support the staff of Liberty and jointly take care of the health of older citizens. No less important is the fact that we fully support the Red Cross charity initiative, which helps single elderly people and allows any citizen to get involved and at least slightly improve their lives, ”said Vazha Menabde, Liberty's Director of Small and Medium Business.