Posted: 8 months ago

Levan Gelbakhiani to Become Shooting Star of 2020

European Film Promotion (EFP) unveiled the list of shooting stars of 2020, which already means that these acting talents will be honored at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival.

"What is the secret of acting? Perhaps you need to carry music in yourself. For this theory, Levan Gelbakhiani is the best proof. At only 21 years old, he is already a master of physical elegance and psychological sensitivity. This way he is able to capture all the pains and pitfalls of growing up, while dazzling us with his technical prowess. He literally gives birth to the dancing star that Mr. Nietzsche once conceived.", this is comment of one of the juries about Levan Gelbakhiani.

Levan Gelbakhiani's film debut was "And Then We Danced". The first film role gave him plenty of prestigious awards, nominations, and international recognition.

During Berlinale 2020, Levan Gelbakhiani together with his foreign colleges will have an opportunity to meet with the leading casting directors, producers, and film directors. On the 24th of February, shooting stars will be granted with "European Shooting Stars Award".

The event is supported and organized by the member organizations of Creative Europe Media Programme, EU and EFP.

European Film Promotion is an international promotion organization and a unique network of 38 national film promotion institutes who represent films and talent from their respective territories.