Posted: 5 months ago

Kibar Khalvashi: I will sell Rustavi 2 TV to the Company that will Submit 1 million USD Bank Guarantee

Kibar Kalvashi, the owner of Rustavi 2 TV company has released a special statement, under which the TV company suffers from heavy financial crisis and the company owes 70 million GEL to various creditors, including 27 million GEL to the state budget.

Therefore, Kibar Khalvashi plans to sell the company to the party, which will submit a bank guarantee of 1 million USD.

I have decided to sell Rustavi 2 under transparent competition, Kibar Khalvashi said.

“Naturally, we had suppositions that the former director general, who has used the company as a political weapon, had not managed the TV Company honestly. An only surprising factor was that he has robbed the company in practice.

Today the company has led to bankruptcy. Today we have all legal grounds to undertake insolvency procedures. The TV company assets do not make up even 1/3 of the mentioned debts.

Regretfully, my financial resources do not suffice to take the company out of the mentioned crisis. Therefore, I am ready to openly talk with any interested party who will help the company get rid of this crisis and become a successful company.

Only person with whom I will not talk is Mikheil Saakashvili, the former unofficial manager of the company.

The transparent competition will be finished in one week.