Posted: 6 days ago

Kakhetian Train Selected in Short Films Section of Festival International de Cine Austral

The film of Lali Kiknavelidze, Kakhetian Train is selected in the short films section of Festival International de Cine Austral and will be shown in Argentina.

Kakhetian Train is a Georgian art drama film directed by Lali Kiknavelidze based on a short story of the same name by Archil Kikodze. 

The film tells the story of the father - Misha, who in the daily bustle of life lost the moment when his son becomes a man, and now he is the unknown person for him. Very late Misha realizes that his son's criminal life is only his fault, but it's already very late now - his son is dead. This ruins his life and personality, he can't find a place in life anymore. One day Misha finds a painting of Nikala Pirosmani, this moment changes his life.
The leading roles are played by Ia Shugliashvili and Misha Gomiashvili.
Kakhetian Train is supported by the National Film Center of Georgia.