Posted: 8 months ago

Invino - New Wine Bar to be Opened in Tbilisi

Invino is a new wine bar, which opened in Tbilisi. Nowadays, visitors can taste nearly 500 types of wines. As founders of the bar note, they aim to bring awareness to wine.

The main concept of wine bar is to popularize wines made in small Georgian wine cellars.

"It has been several years since we became interested in this field. We were going on different wine festivals, to taste the ones, which are not dropped in the massive selling. At the beginning of 2019, we started thinking, that we had appropriate experience and knowledge in this field. We bought the space and it took a long time for us to set up the bar. In our opinion, apart from a good wine, the interior of the bar should also attract the consumer. We hope, we managed to create small, but cosy atmosphere for the wine lovers.", noted one of the founders of Invino, Maiko Lomidze.

From January, they will have cycles of degustations and lectures together with experienced wine-makers.