Posted: 5 months ago

House Museum of Kote and Soso Tsereteli to Start a New Project "Ideology and Art"

The presentation of a new project will start on 16th January in the educational center of The Union of Museums.

"Ideology and Art" is a new cycle of meetings, which involves reflecting existed tendencies in the terms of Soviet Georgia ideology in the art during the XX century.

According to the information provided by the Union of Museums, the significant part is the discourse of how art reflects given entity of Soviet ideology and in what terms new visual constructions and language are formed since presented historical formations and established agenda pushed forward the art as a direction to radical instrumentalism. 

During the cycle, they discuss the narratives and visual representations of different fields of art. Also, they will address chronological stages of the XX century and flowing processes of Soviet Georgian art.

The lectures will be defined chronologically, which will give the audience an opportunity to receive complex information about different fields of visual art:

•   Soviet Film and Theater design;
•   Soviet architecture;
•   Soviet fine arts;
•   Soviet city;
•    Soviet epoch, censorship, etc;

As Union of Museums note, it is important to make space for young researchers, which will give them possibility to share their results of study to the audience.

The Union of Museums founded in 2016 and represents united institution of 9 independent museums. The majority of museums have a long-standing history and they have protected  Georgian cultural and historical heritage.