Posted: 4 months ago

Gomis Mta Resort to Assign the Status of Settlement

According to the decision of the Government, Gomis Mta settlement was established in the municipality of Ozurgeti and is granted the status of a borough.

"The historical district of Gomis Mta is located in the valley of the river Bzhuzhi, at an altitude of 2100-2755 meters above sea level. It is a resort that has mineral waters, forests, and other natural resources. The combination of the sea and mountain air also stimulates natural conditions with special healing and prophylactic characteristics.

Within the frameworks of the development of Gomis Mta, another resort with unique climatic conditions are added to Georgia. Gomis Mta is known as a place of clouds and fogs and becomes more and more popular among local and international tourists. The number of tourists on Gomis Mta increases every year.

Gomis Mta has not yet had a status of a settlement, which was limiting its potential. Due to the lack of status, the general plan of Gomis Mta was also delayed, which was then completed in 2018 by the order of Ozurgeti municipality. 

Granting the status of the borough and accelerating development in accordance with the resort's master plan will significantly increase the economic potential of the Guria region. It will already have self-governing structures and access to various types of funding and other means of attracting investment.", is noted in the information provided by the Ministry.