Posted: 4 months ago

Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Garden is Officially Open

Today, Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Garden located at 2000 meters from sea level was officially opened. The project aims to collect local plant species, conserve and preserve endangered species, support eco-education and restore the subalpine forest line, stimulating the development of the local rural tourism sector.

The main backer of the Goderdzi Alpine Garden is the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) through the Mercy Corps Georgia implemented Alliances Caucasus Programme (ALCP). The project was supported by the private sector stakeholder Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC/Shuakhevi HPP and the Government of Ajara Autonomous Republic. The garden is being developed with the backstopping of Munich and Lautaret Botanic Gardens.

"Today, it’s a very important day for us as Team AGL, as it signifies the realization of a very important endeavor that was undertaken by AGL. It also reinforces and demonstrates the strong commitment of AGL’s sponsors (Clean Energy Invest-Norway and Tata Power-India) towards living their espoused values of caring for the environment and Caring for communities that we intend to serve by integrating them as part of our business operations and strategies. It was with this objective and the underlying philosophy, AGL got involved in supporting the development of the Alpine Botanical Garden from the very beginning. We are happy to see the result today, for which we would like to thank ALCP; the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation and their Georgian partners, the NGO Mercy Corps, Batumi Botanical Garden, Government of Adjara and every single person who participated in the process of developing Goderdzi Alpine Garden.

Years ago, when the development of Goderdzi Alpine Garden was commenced through the Alliances Lesser Caucasus Program, we, as representatives of Private sector supported this initiative and signed a memorandum with Batumi Botanical Garden and made a significant financial contribution of  100 000 USD to fund the infrastructural part of the development of Alpine Garden.

This is our small contribution towards the conservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity including some endangered species of Adjara while also providing an opportunity to promote livelihood sustenance for the communities living in the Adjara mountains. Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Garden will assist the creation of an additional markets for local products acting as an incentive for local residents to advance their economic activities. Thus, the project achieves a dual purpose that of environment protection, wherein rare species, eco-system of diverse Adjarian nature are being preserved and at the same time, Alpine Garden becomes a regional center for tourism, education, and research.

Alpine Botanical Garden is one of the best illustrations of the Private and Public sector co-operation. And such projects are important for the economic development of any country. This trend is growing in the world over the past two decades and I am glad that more and more projects are being implemented as a result of Public-Private sector co-operation in Georgia as well.

We have implemented many other projects under a similar framework in Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities as of today thus benefiting local communities in the vicinity. AGL will continue to its support for the welfare and economic development of Adjara region. I wish the best for this project going forward and hope that this Alpine Botanical Garden will play an important role in the long-term development of highland Adjara. ‘’ - stated Prashant Joshi, CEO of Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC.