Posted: 2 months ago

Giorgi Danelia Appointed for Director of Pension Agency

As a director of Pension Agency, Giorgi Danelia holds a Ph.D. in the economy. As for the master's degree, he graduated from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and studied finances and economy. He has 8-years of working experience in the field of investment project management in the financial sector. During these years, he was working on different positions in "Partner Fund". 

He worked as a reporting officer in one of the largest insurance companies "Aldagi BCI" and held the position of analyst in consultation company "Synergy Group". Currently, Giorgi Danelia still is a participant of the CFA Institute, an associate professor at Ilia State University, and a visiting lecturer at Caucasus University.

"Today I joined the team of Pension Agency and our task is to ensure efficient functionality of the agency. As you know, the pension scheme is a long-term dividend for Georgian citizens and it should play an important role in the economical development of the country.", declared Giorgi Danelia.