Posted: 1 month ago

Georgian Letters by Khosro Khosravi - Graphic designer from Iran

Khosro grew up in a small town of Iran, in a family which has a Georgian origin. He moved to Tbilisi last year and here his hobby - drawing the sketches of Georgian letters - turned out as a project.

Currently, he works as a graphic designer and digital illustrator.

"While studying at the university, I read the book that had a profound effect on me. I remember I read that asking the right questions will lead one to the right answers. This made me thinking and I understood, that the design serves the same rule: it's about questions and answers, problems, and their solving. As soon as one starts the design process by asking the right questions, one will find himself on the right track.", noted Khosro and added, that for him, the most enjoyable process is to create, sometimes even more than seeing the final work.

"I love researching, which requires the work of graphic designers. From data collection to text, from pictures to books, I like every part of it which is related to the design project development.

Apart from it, I like to analyze my weaknesses. The design does a good job of discovering them."

"In the process of designing Georgian letters, creativity and new experiences are more important than their clarity. However, if you look closely at my work, you will discover, that I don't forget that letters are meant to be readable."

For him, the most important thing in this process is to not try too hard to be creative. He says, he looks around and tries to see things differently.

His pieces of work reflect his weaknesses and fears.

"My work is a creative way to answer questions about myself. This process is somehow therapeutic. It is the way, with which the colors, with some discipline, are grouped together and my work dictates me to get the changes which are needed."

Watching films and talking to someone helps him to overcome the creative crisis. 

His heroes in the design are German industrial designer Dieter Rams and American graphic designer, Milton Glaser.

His future plans involve publishing digital illustrations which he works on currently.