Posted: 7 months ago

Georgian Designer Created a 3D Figure of Pharrell Williams

Recently, famous singer Pharell Williams posted a photo of him with his 3D figure. Besides the fact, that picture and figure looks amusing, it is special that it was created by Georgian designer Marita Nemsadze.

After graduating from the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts, Marita Nemsadze has been living in London since 2005. She had always wanted to study at Central Saint Martin and for this purpose she took some short courses there, and then went on to study bachelor and master's in CSM. Since 2009, she has been actively involved in the design and development of garments. As she told Marketer, she basically creates clothes for different designers or photographs.
There has only been an attempt to create a woven 3D figure recently, which has been quite successful. She knitted a Japanese artist's work in 3D, exhibited in one of the galleries in Paris. Pharrell saw and admired her work right there. This was followed by a business dinner, where it was decided to create his own 3D figure.
The work is currently on display at the Musée Guimet Paris Museum, soon to be exhibited in other cities and museums around the world. As Marita notes, we still have to wait for news about Pharrell William.