Posted: 6 months ago

Georgian-American Dental Association Founded in USA

Georgian-American Dental Association has been founded in New York by a Georgian dentist Dr.Tamari Matsaberidze.

Dr. Tamari has graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University and did her postgraduate residency program at Albius Dental Academy in Tbilisi, Georgia. She moved to New York state in 2018, where she continued her carrier and actively participated in different American Dental Conferences and became a member of New York Science Academy.

As Tamari mentioned, it has been a huge responsibility to fund such an important association which will work hard to make connections between Georgian and American Dentists and students as well.  

Dr. Tamari saw the need to create as association which will support Georgian dentists to become a part of an American international scientific platform, because of the increasing number of Georgian Dentists visiting the United States during the past few years. Tamari says, the valuable accomplishments of her Georgian colleagues in the in the field of dentistry should be worldwide known.

Georgian-American Dental Association would like to invite Georgian Dentists who live in the United States to become a part of a new dental family. Becoming a certified dentist in the USA is a complicated path. ‘All we need is to motivate and support each other, share our knowledge and experience. Some of Georgian clinicians achieved to become a certified dentist,some of them work as a dental assistant. It is a pity that some of the qualified dentists do not try to get to know to the American dental system and prepare themselves for the national exams just because they think it is impossible.

Everything will be possible and much easier if we decide that we want to become a part of American Dentistry and will help each other’. Dr. Tamari has been working as a Dental Assistant during a year and a half in the heart of New York with the leader dental offices like ‘Wall street Dental Spa’ and ‘Expert Dental NYC’. Now she decided to prepare for the National Dental Board Exams and plans to continue studying.

The Aim of the Georgian-American Dental association is to motivate dental students who want to continue their professional path in the USA and will try to arrange exchange programs to give them a chance to experience this amazing journey - ’it will be my greatest achievement to afford Exchange Programs in NYC for Georgian students and with the help of others make impossible possible’.