Posted: 6 months ago

Georgian Ambassador in Germany : In about 6-7 Months Georgian Citizens will Get Legal Jobs in Germany

In about 6-7 months citizens of Georgia will be able to get legal jobs in Germany, Georgian Ambassador in Germany Elguja Khokrishvili told the Evening NewsRoom TV program.

He overviewed the problems that Georgian citizens face in terms of legal employment in Germany and noted that certain progress was achieved in this respect.

“The Bundestag and the Upper Chamber of Germany have adopted a corresponding law that will come into force in 6-7 months. The law will enable citizens of Georgia to get legal jobs in Germany, namely, citizens of Georgia will be able to contact employers in Germany and then get job visas. Moreover, citizens of Georgia will be also able to pass training courses in Germany, get vocational education in Germany. This law enables citizens of Georgia to stay in Germany for 6 months and find a job place domestically. We are working on translating the law to introduce it to Georgian citizens”, Khokrishvili noted.

Georgian Embassy also works on seasonal employment opportunities in Germany.

“Our embassy provides active job for seasonal 3-month employment opportunities in summer period in agriculture field, when Germany companies seek for workforce for 3 months. We examine their living conditions, health insurance, transportation costs, salaries and so on. We have sailor communication with several companies and they are ready to select about 3 000-10 000 persons for the 2020 season”, KHokrishvili said.