Posted: 7 months ago

Georgian Airways to Provide Alternative Flights to Passengers Due to Russian Embargo

Georgian Airways provides to nearly 40 000 passengers alternative flights in the direction of Tbilisi-Erevani-Moscow.

As Deputy CCO, Tamuna Tandashvili notes, this is the reaction to Russian tourism embargo. This transit will increase the price of the ticket with 10-15%, but the airline does not have a right to raise the price of already acquired tickets. Georgian Airways will serve the passengers with the same circumstances. 

As Tandashvili states, Company is obliged to fulfill the financial duties. 
"Nearly 40 000 passengers had already bought a ticket from July 8th to October. Therefore, airline has made a decision to add additional flights From Erevani to Tbilisi with the help of Armenian airline. This is the alternate way, which will be a hard issue for airline, but the sector will keep the amount of entered and departed passengers.", declared Tamuna Tandashvili.