Posted: 4 months ago

Georgian Airways Arranges Special Flights for Georgian Citizens

Georgian Airways will launch the special flight for returning Georgian citizens to their homeland on April 3rd.

Air company will start selling the tickets in the directions of Tbilisi-Berlin-Tbilisi on April 1st, from 10:00 o'clock. The ones who wish to purchase the tickets will be able to buy them on the website of Georgian Airways. Price of the tickets per class will be 199 Euros.

As they define in the air company, according to the recommendation of the government, Georgian Airways will try to maintain a maximum of 180 seats.

Germany and Georgia, similar to other countries, have made some restrictions towards foreigners for preventing coronavirus for spreading. As a consequence, Berlin-Tbilisi ticket will be available for only Georgian citizens, and citizens of Germany will be able to buy the tickets of Tbilisi-Berlin flight.

Every passenger will be subject to 14 days of compulsory quarantine upon arrival.

The schedule of future flights is presented in the following:

  • 4th April - London-Tbilisi - Georgian Airways (the planned flight of the company)
  • 7th April - Athen-Tbilisi - Georgian Airways
  • 10th April - Larnaca-Tbilisi - Georgian Airways