Posted: 1 month ago

Georgia is Working on Three Logistics Scenarios to Get the Vaccine

Georgia is working on three scenarios to get the first batch of vaccine. The country is ready to receive the vaccine, which must be stored at a temperature of minus 70 degrees. Paata Imnadze, Deputy Director of the Center for Disease Control, stated this on Euronews Georgia.

"We have one plus - we have paif more for the initial deposit. Therefore, we can choose the desired vaccine on the Covax platform, which will be more logistically acceptable for the country. There are currently three types of vaccine - one should be stored at -70 degrees, the other - at -20, and the third - usually in the refrigerator. Our country has a logical means of getting all three. However, the volumes are different. The usual cold chain is available to all village doctor level. Necessary conditions for minus twenty degrees are everywhere in Georgia at the regional level. We can get -70 in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi without any problems. The number of vaccination points will depend again and again on the types of vaccines that will enter the country, ”Paata Imnadze explained.

During the visit to the program, the Deputy Director of the National Center for Disease Control also named the estimated date of arrival of the first batch of vaccine in Georgia.

"The Covax platform guarantees that the vaccine will be available in the spring. But in addition, bilateral talks are underway with various partner countries, including EU countries, as well as with various manufacturers, and we will see which one will be sooner," Paata Imnadze said.

He hopes that the negotiations will continue and that Georgia will be able to receive the vaccine before spring.