Posted: 11 months ago

Georgia: How Batumi Solved its Water Supply and Sea Pollution Problems

Funded through the EU’s Neighbourhood Investment Facility, the project provided investment in municipal infrastructural rehabilitation in that part of the country.

Rehabilitation of the municipal infrastructure has been underway for several years, and the works in Chakvi are now entering their third phase. It is in this phase that the co-funding from the EU begins.

The project has also supported the construction of waste treatment plants on the territories of the Chakvi, Makhinjauari and Mtsvane Kontskhi municipalities, benefiting local people there.

The EU allocated €4 million to the project, a substantial contribution that is reflected in the well-being of the population, and the cleanliness of the rivers and the sea. The total cost of the project amounted to €6.1 million, €2.1 million of which was provided by the German state-owned development bank KfW and the Batumi Municipality Mayor’s office.