Posted: 1 week ago

Flights Under 199€ - Announcement of Davit Zalkaniani

As the minister of foreign affairs, Davit Zalkaniani declared, during the next 2 weeks, flights are planned from Europe. Georgian citizens will be able to return to Georgia using this opportunity.

Davit Zalkaniani also mentioned, that according to the Prime Minister's order, price of the tickets on commercial flights should not be more than 199€.

The flights launching in the next 2 weeks are presented below:

March 23rd - Tbilisi - Berlini - Tbilisi;

March 24th - Tbilisi - Greece -Tbilisi (This is the flight of Aegean Airlines, which will transfer the Georgians in Tbilisi and citizens of Greece will be returned in Greece.)

March 26th - Tbilisi - Vienna - Tbilisi;

March 31th - Tbilisi - Amsterdam - Tbilisi;

April 3rd - Tbilisi - Warsaw - Tbilisi;

April 7th - Tbilisi - Athen - Tbilisi;

April 10th - Tbilisi - Larnaca - Tbilisi.