Posted: 6 months ago

Flights are Canceled from Israel to Georgia

Air company of Israel, Israir Airlines cancels international flights temporarily. The decision of the air company is related to the government's resolution on COVID-19, which makes quarantine mandatory for 14 days for every person who went to Israel.

For citizens of Israel, who are abroad and wish to be in their homeland, air company plans to add charter flights for their transportation. Also, other air company of Israel, Arkia also declared canceling international flights.

Generally, the air companies cancel flights till the end of March. Israir Airlines was performing flights from Tel Aviv to Tbilisi and Batumi. During the winter season, Israir Airlines should have flown two times a week from Tel Aviv to Tbilisi.

Air company Arkia was operating once a week from Tel Aviv to Batumi.

Georgian party confirmed, that other Israel's air company, El-Al also cancels flights during March.