Posted: 11 months ago

Five Year Waste Management Plan of Tbilisi to be Confirmed

Tbilisi City Hall has confirmed the five-year waste management plan of Tbilisi, which is elaborated by Environmental Protection Service.

During the next five years, waste management plan will determine and outline the detailed events on the grounds to implement new, contemporary system of the waste management. 

The plan provides the assistance of reducing the created waste, gathering them and development of their transfering system. It is also contributed for moving forward to separation, eradication of chaotic movement of sanitation trucks, situating additional conteiners, straightly setting up of inert and other construction waste. The plan also indicates to severe control over litter.

As Tbilisi City Hall declares, this processes also include to set up the events, which are to bring awareness to society. For this reason, some separating stands and public ashtrays are already displayed in Tbilisi, which serves for waste grading.

Simultaneously, municipality also begins to work for 15-year strategy, which will implement the in the model in long-run perspective, since this system will satisfy international standards for the waste management.

In the process of the plan confirmation and for society maintaining, the plan is published on the official page of the municipality and in a social network, where every person can express their opinions and recommendations. Apart from this, the plan was discussed publicly with the support of Tbilisi City Hall.