Posted: 8 months ago

Factory Situated in Tbilisi to Supply Boeing with Production of $10 Million

Aerostructure Technologies Cyclone (ATC) Factory is located in Tbilisi. It will supply Boeing with the production, which price is $10 Million. 

At this moment, the only client of the company is an American Gyant, which they supplied with product in 2019. As they declare in the factory, they have a long-term contract.

"In 2020 we start a new project. We add new types of parts. Apart from this, the amount of production is determined, approximately $10 million will be overdone by our selling volume. Considering this, the number of employees will be increased. 
Unlike 2019, when we were producing only the parts, in 2020 the process of setting up these parts and dye-work will start. We are hardening the assortment of the production.", declares Mikheil Begiashvili. 

The factory was opened in May of 2018.