Posted: 2 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Evolution of Christmas Trees on Tbilisi's Main Street

Rustaveli Avenue turns into a hot spot of Christmas time during the winter season- there are light displays, markets and of course the main Christmas tree that everyone is talking about. Let's take a look at how the design of the symbol of the new year was changing over years: 


This was probably the first most impressive decorations of the city. 


An year after it was more modest but still festive.  


Some more lights were added in 2016 to make it more celebratory, yet minimalistic. 


As we see, some more decorations are added to the tree while keeping a plain style. 


Here we went a little bit overboard, people seemed to have mixed feelings. 


This is probably the most ''bullied'' christmas tree of all times. It was the main topic in the city, as it looked a bit sad in the morning, while it cost couple of millions. 


And here we are, this year's New York style christmas tree, that everybody seems to adore. The street is decorated with symbols of different countries. If we can't travel, countries can travel to us. 

Happy New Year!