Posted: 3 months ago

EuroNest Eighth Ordinary Session on December 8-10

Tbilisi hosts 8th Ordinary Session of EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly - "Future Visions of the Eastern Partnership". The session will start today and will be welcomed by Archil Talakvadze.
President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, Vice President of the European Parliament Klára Dobrev, Co-chairs of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, Andrius Kubilius and Ivan Krulko will address the participants.

Members of European Parliament and "Eastern partnership" countries' parliaments will take part in the working process of parliamentarian assembly.

During the session, they will discuss the matters of Energy security, future visions of Eastern partnerships, arousing geopolitical challenges, main topics of collaboration between European Union and Eastern Partnership countries.

The assembly will adopt the resolutions on the issues related to economic integration, social-political and energy security. 

Euronest Parliamentary Assembly will finish working process with the final presentation on December 10. Press conference will be held by Andrius Kubilius and Ivan Krulko.