Posted: 1 week ago

Electronic Music composer Anushka Chkheidze Performs at Dutch Festival ESNS 2021

Eurosonic Noorderslag is one of the largest Dutch music exhibition-festivals, aiming to discover new artists and exchange music on the European stage.

ESNS 2021 starts today, January 13, and Georgian electronic music composer Anushka Chkheidze will also take part in it, who will perform compositions from her debut album, Halfie.

Halfie is the work by which she won the "Tsinandali Award" in the category of musical art. In addition to the tracks included on the album, Anushka ESNS 2021 will also offer new musical works to the listener, which she has created especially for this festival. This year, the exhibition-festival will be held in digital format and anyone will be able to attend it after registering on the official website of ESNS.

Author: Ketevan Barbakadze, Photographer: Giorgi Zatiashvili