Posted: 4 months ago

Educational System Based on Minecraft Base to be Launched in Schools in September

Mikheil Chkhenkeli, the Minister of Education discussed the matters of quality of education, discipline and their future project in the broadcasting programme "SWOT Analysis". This project probably will be launched in schools in September.

"Quality of education is attached to three main factors, which are teachers, program, and infrastructure. From these three components, the teacher is the main person, and the quality of education is related to his/her work and commitment. Thus, the main priority is their fundamental training. We have house of teachers, where they have temporary training. Every teacher in Georgia will have an opportunity to raise their qualification. During this training, their teaching skills will be developed, which they should use in the classrooms.", noted Mikheil Chkhenkeli.

As he mentioned, the discipline has its own positive sides, but the artistry of pedagogics is to realise the balance between discipline and teaching through play. 

"The researches say, that learning through play has its own effect. When Microsoft saw, how popular is the game Minecraft, they created educational product on its base. We had negotiations with the representatives of Microsoft and will launch this product in schools in piloting regime.", declared the Minister.