Posted: 1 month ago

EASY Charter to Start Operating on Georgian Aviation Market

EASY Charter, which is a cargo company will operate on the Georgian aviation market.

The Civil Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia issued a certificate for the operation of the aircraft and the shipping certificate.

"The air company is allowed to carry out the operation with a maximum take-off mass above 5700 kg. At this moment, EASY Charter owns one unit of Airbus A300B4-203. The base of the airline is in Georgia and it has Georgian flight personnel. 

In the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for cargo flights throughout the world has increased. The ICAO appeals state for maximally promoting cargo transportations in order to deliver medical supplies and humanitarian relief shipments. Georgian company Geo Sky is actively involved in these types of operations.

The process of issuing the certificate required for the safe operation of the new airline and assessment of its financial condition has been carried out unhindered regardless of the State of Emergency and pandemic.", is written in the announcement published by the agency.