Posted: 7 months ago

Deadline at Dawn to be Launched on February 9th in Film Theatre of National Archive of Georgia

National Film Center and National Archive of Georgia present the film "Deadline at Dawn" screened by Neli Nenova and Geno Tsulaia in 1965. The main roles are played by Ariadna Shengelaia and Merab Tavadze.

On the territory of the film studio - Georgian Film, several pieces of Georgian film archive were burned because of fire. Among those were "Time Expires at Dawn". Therefore, it has been decades since the large audience have not seen the movie. Fragments of the film were shown at the hall of fame of Ariadna Shengelaia. At this moment, they brought DVD version of the movie from Russia, which will be shown to the big audience. The event will be attended by Merab Tavadze.

"Deadline at Dawn" is screened according to the novel by Cornell Woolrich. Because of the film, they built up "America" in the large pavilion of film studio. The screenings were also held in Moscow. For Georgian film of that time, screening the American novel was a bit unusual story. 

The film director of the movie and the authors of scenarios are Neli Nenova and Geno Tsulaia.