Posted: 6 months ago

Creating the First Digital School platform of National Library Began

Digital collection of National Library - sub-collection of Mamardashvili "Shota, Ilia, Akaki, Vaja and Galaktioni"unites these and other Georgian author's works, which are studied in schools. There also will be additional literature, which is needed for teacher and student, to discuss these works of authors. 

Creating a large digital library is already begun. As Giorgi Kiladze declares, "compiling the collection started with Ilia Chavchavadze because the National Library is in the name of Ilia. The working process continues and the collection will be fulfilled with other authors too."

"We want to fully attain school materials, in which not only concrete novels will be added. This will be "The First Swallow", which will involve different directions in literature, such as discussions, lexicons, etc.", noted Giorgi Kekelidze, director of National Library.