Posted: 5 days ago – Startup that Provides COVID-19 Prevention Services

Founded in December 2020, Georgian startup provides COVID-19 prevention services.

Namely, having inserted personal information, citizens can contact the desirable laboratory and take PCR tests.

“We wanted to simplify the COVID testing proves for our citizens. Therefore, we created this platform, where the website visitors are able to insert personal information and in about an hour our partner laboratory assistants will visit their homes. Applicants will receive COVID-test answers in 24 hours. The price of PCR test is GEL 130”, the platform founder Ninuli Akhvlediani noted and added that the demand for the platform services grows. “The demand for tests grows in both corporate and individual sectors. Companies apply to us that prioritize to test their staff and ensure they health”, she said. Furthermore, COVTEST.GE also provides such services as testing on antibodies and antigens, general blood analysis, C-reactive protein, coagulogram, and so on. The price of this service is GEL 126.