Posted: 11 months ago

Construction Works in Dighomi Chalebi to Start in August

Construction of the new municipal park in Dighomi Chalebi will start in August 2019 and last 2 years.

The repeated tender was announced for purchase of the park construction works. Presumable value of the deal is 14 864 406 GEL.

Under the announced tender, an artificial lake will be arranged on the territory, as well as amphitheater and mediatheque, attractions for children, athletics space, and parking space for 40 vehicles. Moreover, the river Mtkvari embankment will open and eco bridges will be arranged. As to dendrology, 752 new plants will be added to the park territory.

“The designing process was a little protracted, because the issue is of arranging 15 hectare space and companies had to spend much time on designing works. As to construction works, the winner company will be named tomorrow and the construction works will end in 2 years.

This park will be a special one, as it will have access to the river. We will maintain the exiting island and biodiversity untouched and this will make it more attractive’, Giga Gigashvili, head of the Tbilisi municipal office for environment protection told the Business Morning TV Program.

In late July we will also start designing works for Temqa Gorge arrangement, he added.