Posted: 8 months ago

Competition of Batumi City Development Plan to be Announced

Batumi will have a city development plan for the first time in its history. 

Batumi Boulevard has announced a competition regarding service procurement of functional zoning and dendrological projected documentation.

The development plan applies to both elaborations of Boulevard future development view and conservation of an old Boulevard. Also, the project pertains to maximally preserve historically established outward appearance of Batumi and its renewal without any decisive interferences and changes.

In addition, the plan includes protection and strengthening cultural heritage of the Boulevard.
According to the document of technical tasks, the main aim of the project is to elaborate on the rehabilitation and development plan in the matters of preservation and highlighting the landscape architect values. As a result, the plan aspires to create secure, recreational environment for both locals and foreigners and each age group: Children, youth, and remoted people.
The project implicates three parts: research section, development plan and the part of guidelines. The online competition starts from 14th of August till 19th of August.
Development plan must be finished by winners for one year. The price of the project is 435 000 Lari.