Posted: 11 months ago

CNN to Broadcast Reporting about Georgia on 14 September

Due to the campaign implemented by the National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the special report about Georgia was announced, which is elaborated by CNN.

Destination Georgia is a part of the campaign with the 14 million viewers. 

Due to the marketing campaign of the National Tourism Administration, "Discover Georgia" - a platform about Georgia was made, where the history, nature, resort and Georgian cuisine are introduced. 

As the administration declares, the campaign will continue till the end of the year and aims to Europe and Near East audience. Within the collaboration with CNN, several image reports will be prepared.
CNN will also make thematic week about Georgian tourism potential. 

Finally, the reports will be united and 23-minute-long broadcasting will be prepared, where CNN newscasters will introduce Georgia as a touristically attractive country to their audience.