Posted: 1 week ago

City Hall to Fund Open-Air Electronic Music Events for Nightclubs

According to Tbilisi City Hall, clubs will have an opportunity to hold electronic music events. As Andria Basilaia, Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi declared, communication is underway with the representatives of the clubs as well as with the Labor Inspection Department.

"We have communication with the clubs, such as Mtkvarze, Khidi, Mzesumzira, etc. As you know, we are a budget organization, which is why it is necessary to submit projects. We will announce the information about funding in a few days. We also hold negotiations with the bars, which are Drama, Meoba, Mozaika, etc. We do not have a right to allow them to work, but they will continue working since we are communicating Business Ombudsman, Labor Inspection Department. The clubs, that have been fined will definitely have a right to hold additional events. We will really facilitate communication.", declared Basilaia.

The project of Tbilisi City Hall involves funding electronic music events fully or partially.