Posted: 8 months ago

China Southern Airlines to Publish Annual Report

Hotels Preference Hualing Tbilisi hosted the annual report presentation by China Southern Airlines.

The event was led by general director of Xinjiang branch of China Southern Airlines, Tsai Ing-wen. As he declared, China Southern Airlines air force is in the first place by its size in Asia and on the 3rd place in the world. He also mentioned that the airlines transit more than 15 million passengers annually, which encourages to create air corridor for economic collaboration and cooperation. 

As Chinese counsel in Georgia, Wang Liapo stated in the presentation, Chinese-Georgian relations are developing irreversibly, which achieved the highest index in this year. 

China is the trading partner and one of the main investors in Georgia. Since Tbilisi-Urumqi road was opened in 2011, China Southern Airlines created the bridge between Georgia and China to deepen cultural, trading, economic and political relations. 

The above-mentioned airline has most Chinese aircraft and is the most developed network, which has transported 140 million passengers in 2018.