Posted: 1 month ago

Centers for Disease Control to be Operated in Khashuri and Gori

Within the frameworks of the measures taken by the Ministry of Healthcare against COVID-19, Centres for Disease Control started operating in Shida Kartli. Two of them are situated in "Gormedi" clinics in Khashuri and Gori.

"For preventing the disease from spreading Ministry of Healthcare took measures. These events include several steps. We turned on hotline nationwide. During 24 hours, qualified family doctors are on duty. They had training implemented by the Ministry of Healthcare. Family doctors are contacting their patients, who have symptoms of coronavirus. They estimate their condition and if there are no signs of disease, the patient stays home. We are in an interactive communication and contacting the patient by ourselves. The second step is a.k.a hot zones. In this occasion, 112 brings patients, who might have COVID-19. At this moment, the hospital is equipped to lead the processes strictly and control it with a protocol.", - declared general director of "Gormedi", Vasil Cheishvili.

According to him, 12 patients were transferred to the disease center of Gori. 7 of them needed further medical assistance. Rest of them are under observation.