Posted: 1 month ago

Cavea to Organize two Drive-in Cinemas in Tbilisi

Cavea will open the Drive-In cinema. According to Maiko Sikharulidze, head of public relations, New Hippodrome was chosen as a location for Drive-In cinema. Cavea plans to start showing films in July.

"Soon the Cavea Network will open a Drive-In Cinema and viewers will be able to see film marathons and other events together with the latest repertoire and world premieres. Cavea drive-in cinemas will initially be designed for at least 200 cars, with a special space for spectators without other vehicles. The number will be increased if the demand will rise in the market. As for the number of sessions, there will be 1 or 2 screenings after 8 pm, and the Cavea Drive-In cinemas will open in the first half of July.", explains Cavea.

The negotiations are underway in another location.