Posted: 1 month ago

BTU Digitidzed Cultural Heritage of Vani, Dmanisi and Sighnaghi

As a result of the cooperation between the University of Business and Technology (BTU) and the Georgian National Museum, the cultural heritage of Georgia, unique discoveries from Dmanisi and Bolnisi, Vani, exhibits from the Sighnaghi Museum, become available to the viewer in an expanded reality.

High-tech solutions in the AR and 3D formats are integrated into the tablets and create a unique experience for museum visitors.

Among the digitized specimens are the unique bronze oil lamp and incense burner found in Vani, which date back to BC III-II centuries and will be exhibited in the new museum of Vani.

The technology platform was created for Niko Pirosmani's "Vintage" on display at the Sighnaghi Museum, where the digital guide tells the viewer about the vintage picking, pressing, and feasting culture in an expanded reality.

As Nino Enukidze, Rector of the University of Business and Technology, explains, the project was initiated and cooperation with the Georgian National Museum began a year ago.

"New elements have been introduced in our cooperation between the Georgian National Museum and the University of Business and Technology. We have already implemented projects in Dmanisi and Sighnaghi museums. Now the material of the ancient city of Vani has been added. Very soon the Vani Museum will be opened and the visitor will be able to see and see the original exhibits in various forms, including three-dimensional images, ”said David Lortkipanidze, director of the Georgian National Museum.