Posted: 1 year ago

“Body Shop” to Get Involved in Early Marriage Prevention Activities

Within the frameworks of agreement with UNFPA Georgian office and collaboration of the Georgian government, "The Body Shop" company will participate in several activities to prevent child marriage. The company will give away scholarships for girls, who are under the risk of early marriage.

The information is published by UNFPA.

"We are glad that within the frameworks of social responsibility, The Body Shop company joined defending women's rights. We, along with UNFPA already united to fight against domestic violence in the crisis evoked by COVID-19. At this moment, we start a new initiative, which aims to prevent child marriage by strengthening women financially. Together with legislative changes, the state held regularly the events to prevent early marriage and strengthened the response mechanism. However, as long as at least one child is under the risk of child marriage, we'll continue working. We hope, that together with the collaboration of Body Shop and UNFPA, we will implement many more significant initiatives.", declared Lela Akiashvili.