Photo: Telegraph
Posted: 3 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Beginners Guide How (Not) to Rave at Georgian Clubs

It was a nice night in late spring, I attended one of my favorite DJ’s show with my favorite group of people, at one of the best clubs let’s say in the region. Suddenly, I felt myself left out: there was something I needed to learn to be a real raver of Georgian Clubs. Here’s the guide, if you are longing to fit in and enjoy your night out:

Walk Around

1. Clubs are not only for dancing. Constantly search for something, or not: it’s still crucial for you to walk around.

2. Any step counter application must award you with a special score after your night out.

3. Observe each corner of the club.

4. Lost a friend? It’s an alert, do whatever it takes to find her right away.

5. Don’t forget, people around you are transparent, you are allowed to walk through them. Even if you have enough space, you need to strongly touch their arms to get them of your way.

Go Online

Your number one task is to share the perfect Instagram story, since what’s the sense of hanging out if you’re offline all night long?! But you need a symmetrical angle, sometimes several, and here you can do the same as it’s applied in the first rule: believe in human-beings’ glassiness, all they do is dance, and you have a more important thing to do here: showing the world how to rave.

Leave Your Reasonable Doubts Home

During your long walk, you reached the dark corner, here it is the zone of negotiations. Accept any chemicals offered, you don’t want people to see you standing there saying ”No!” having ”trust issues.” You’re a real raver if you love life enough not to care if it lasts. Who said a trip to the hospital is less of an adventure than dancing in the club?! You will get to see multicolored, kaleidoscopic city lights along with the ambulance’s speed.

*We suggest you be careful according to the latest events!

Take Control of Everything!

Remember that ”World is yours?!” Now your duty is to take control of everything that’s moving or not:

For example: A girl is dancing, enjoying the music, that’s probably her kind of meditation to be lost in the crowd and feel the vibes.

”Why don’t you Smile? Smile!” – you say.

Why not be the fashion police too? – Her dress is too short; This guy looks like an alien; Too much black…; Too colorful…;

Block the Exit

Word ”exit” doesn’t necessarily mean it, it’s a place to hang out, for long existential conversations, sometimes even place to sleep. I wouldn’t care of whom wants to leave the place, they will find their way.

Tell Stories

Now that you’ve completed all these tasks: walked enough miles, took control of everyone’s behavior, had a trip and posted all tracks, pictures and stories on social networks, there’s still a lot of stories to tell. Spread your wings of fantasy and become a story-teller for the following days, exaggerate how many girls/boys you talked to, don’t miss any detail of your moment of consciousness and hallucinations you most likely didn’t have.

Full disclosure: I do think that nightlife in Georgia has incredibly, rapidly developed in very few years, it’s not just by me that Tbilisi is considered one of the best places for electronic music lovers. Sometimes I’m surprised how tasteful an audience we can be. However, every country, every place has its funny little details that’d rather improve. Before that happens, we can banter and keep diversifying such characters we will meet.