Posted: 4 months ago

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China in Georgia Releases Announcement

Li yan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China in Georgia releases announcement on the world's pandemic.

In the announcement, she points taken measures in China and the support of foreign countries to fight against the virus.

"China will never forget the strong support of international society and disinterested help of them in the tough times. In front of aroused circumstances of the virus spreading globally, China, as a responsible country, according to the concept of "society with united future for united development", actively continues both maintaining the epidemic in the country and collaborating internationally with other countries to fight against coronavirus."

She also marks out the measures taken in Georgia and their efficiency. 

"We say, that just as the case of coronavirus was detected in Georgia, the government took it seriously and made significant moves instantly, expanded the level of control and preventions and ensured the information delivery process timely. China estimated all this positively. I believe, that together with government leadership and effort of Georgian people, Georgia will defeat the virus soon. China, as the partner country, is ready to assist help to Georgia for fighting against the epidemic."

She also paid attention to China's contribution to defeating the virus in Georgia.

"Chinese party will continue to share its experience with Georgia for epidemic prevention and control. As a response to the Georgian party's request, Georgia already got the materials from China on revealing infecting cases, finding contacts, diagnostics, and treatment, prevention, and control of the epidemic. After February, we passed renewed versions to Georgia several times. These are the accumulated experiences in the practice of fighting the virus. We believe, that it will significantly help Georgia for defeating epidemic.

Apart from that, the Chinese party assembled Georgian specialists of healthcare and disease control on video conference together with other countries to share its experience. Chinese specialists discussed the matters of specifics, spreading of the virus in detail. They shared their experiences and answered their questions cautiously. In the future, China is ready to hold similar events according to the Georgian party's wishes and needs and present "Chinese experience" and "Chinese plan".

China already made the decision to transit 1000 reagent kits for detecting the virus. Apart from that, the province of Sichuan gifted Georgia with fast tests with a price of $420,000. China will be willing to make an effort in solving the difficulties in international logistics. China will also examine the matters of helping Georgia with different kinds of medical assistance.", noted Li Yan.