Posted: 8 months ago

AiCar Auto Park to Add 50 automobiles

The company AiCar already consists of 100 automobiles.
A few days ago, carsharing service added a new model of automobile, which is Renault Zoe. Usage of this service will be probable with two different types of automobiles - Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe. 
Existing model is present from the year 2016 and capacity of battery is 40 kWh. On the auto park also will be Renault models of 2018, which can drive 400 km with one charge. 

"In the carsharing service, till the end of July, we will also add 50 new models of Renault Zoe. The first 15 is already in the network and they are in high demand. Till the end of the year, AiCar will connect various marks of electro mobiles to network. I reckon, that our user will be pleasantly amazed by the news, which we provide or plan to provide them." noted general director of AiCar, Giorgi Khurodze.