Posted: 8 months ago

Advertisement about Georgia Became Winner on ATWS

On Adventure Travel World Summit the majority of votes were given to Georgian-based advertisement.

The video took first place.

“Congratulations to our country, to our team and to all those who have contributed to this great and proud work. It is a great achievement for positioning our country,” noted Mariam Kvrivishvili, head of the National Tourism Administration.

The main character of the video also responded to the victory of the film about Georgia at the World Summit of Adventure Tourism in Sweden:

"I congratulate Georgia, National Tourism Administration, the film crew, myself and my grandmother on the victory of the video presented by the National Tourism Administration at the World Summit on Adventure Tourism in Sweden. The video is about Georgia, which is called "One Blood". The plot tells the story of my inspiration related to the flight, which was genetically transmitted from my grandmother, alongside with many fuzzy flight stories, which she shared. Congratulations, the video at the summit took the first place in the competition and this success should attract more adventure seekers to our country, ”said Alex Iskandarov, a lead character and vlogger.