Posted: 6 days ago

First Immersive Art Festival to Hold in Tbilisi

After the countries of U.S, Europe, and Asia, the first immersive art festival will hold in Tbilisi in March.

"Tbilisi Immersive Art Festival is the first statement in Georgia for implanting and popularizing this culture. The importance of Georgian culture is noteworthy, which transcended through the local borders and gains the idea of new, lively, authentic and unique form.", says organizer of the festival, Giorgi Kikonishvili.

The festival is held within the collaboration of Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT). The artists who are invited from Monreale, will introduce Georgian audience with four different live performance and several films. Perhaps, as organizers noted, they are starting to work intensively on creating Georgian immersive art. That is the reason, why there will be special workshops, with which Georgian artists will master the technics of immersive art.

"We want to establish Georgian stage of this kind of art and are certain, that the art pieces of Georgian artists will be presented at different festivals of the world."

The festival will take place in Dome, new dome-shaped film theater of Tbilisi, which will be opened in the Rike Park.