AtlasGlobal to Return on Georgian Air Market

Turkish airline AtlasGlobal returns on Georgian air market after an interval of 1 year.

Local Clean-up Action Promotes Sustainable Waste Management in the Vashlovani Protected Areas

The Eagle’s Gorge, one of the fabulous biodiversity spots of the Vashlovani Protected Areas, saw a clean-up action on 27 June 2019

Producer Elene Margvelashvili Awarded the Rotterdam Lab Scholarship Award

Georgian producer Elene Margvelashvili, has been awarded the Rotterdam Lab Scholarship Award

Georgian Financier Wins IFA Award

IFA is an international FinTech award aiming at discovering finance sector talents worldwide.

Green Port to Open in Tbilisi International Airport

Since 2007, the cafe Cappadocia was hosting passengers, but now a new cafe named Green Port will offer guests a renewed menu.

Giorgi Shvelidze to Become Member of American FIlm Academy

Giorgi Shvelidze is a cinematographer of the film Namme. 

Tripcars Gives Up its Service Fee in Georgia To Support Tourism

Tripcars car rental company, is giving up its 10% service fee to support tourism in Georgia, after Russian President banned flights from Russia to Georgia. 

Danish Danfoss Intends To Open Office in Georgia

World leader in machinery and equipment manufacturing - Danish Danfoss Group - is opening its office in Georgia in October this year.

Government Imposes VAT on Cryptocurrency Mining

Government of Georgia has taken decision on imposing VAT on cryptocurrency mining.