Number of Rules and Conditions for Entering Georgia from Abroad Changed

Embassy of Georgia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands shares regulations for crossing the Georgian border in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expanded COVID-19 Testing Starts Today

According to the deputy minister of the Ministry of Healthcare, Tamar Gabunia, expanded antigen testing will be available in up to 300 institutions.

Bank of Georgia Wins The Banker Award

International publication, The Banker named Bank of Georgia as a winner of Bank of the Year Awards 2020.

All Restrictions that Government Has Introduced

Given the current epidemiological situation in Georgia, the Interagency Coordinating Council headed by the Prime Minister has decided to tighten and expand the existing pinpoint restrictions in the country.

Georgia to Buy 4,000 Flasks of Remdesivir

The Government of Georgia plans to buy 4,000 flasks of Remdesivir. The corresponding procurement process was announced by the Infectious Diseases,

Webinar Series on Energy for Civil Society organisations from Eastern Partner Countries

The EU-funded project ‘Eastern Partnership civil society facility – regional actions’ is launching a series of country-focused webinars on the energy sector

Weekend Virtual School Launched for Youth Living in Rural Areas

In November, the EU and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a Weekend Virtual School for secondary school students in Georgia.

National Drift Championship Final to Hold on Makhata Mountain

Organized by BMW Club Georgia and supported by Socar Georgia Petroleum, the National Drift Championship final was held on Makhata mountain on November 22th.

Impact Hub Tbilisi Named as the Most Recommended Hub

Impact Hub Tbilisi was named as the most recommended hub.