Protest about Election Reform Failure in Georgia Continues

Thousands of Georgians protested outside the parliament on Sunday, demanding snap elections after lawmakers failed to pass a promised electoral-reform measure.

Saving Water Promotes Agriculture and Helps Counter Climate Change

Drip irrigation systems were installed in three villages of eastern Georgia – Eniseli, Ruisi and Bediani – with support from the United Nations Development Programme

Tamar Chugoshvili and Part of Ruling Party Members Quit Majority and Positions

Tamar Chugoshvili and Part of Ruling Party Members Quit Majority and Positions.

How Pirosmani's Characters would Look Today - works by Vazika Shanidze

Graphic designer Vazhika Shanidze imagined how famous Georgian painter Pirosmani's characters would look today and reinvented his works. 

Parliament Turns Downs Constitutional Changes

The constitutional changes prepared by the parliamentary majority regarding transformation onto the proportional system of elections were turned down in the parliament.

Tbilisi City Hall Budget to Hit Record 1.3 billion GEL

Tbilisi City Hall plans to spend a record figure in 2020 – 1.3 billion GEL, Irakli Khmaladze, Tbilisi Vice mayor noted.

Negative Numbers by Uta Beria to be Launched in France and Italy

The film directed by young Georgian film director, Uta Beria will premiere at French International Film Festival on November 15th. 

Film Shindisi Became Winner of Warsaw Film Festival

On October 21st, film Shindisi was awarded Grand Prise and became the winner of Warsaw Film Festival.

Mikheil Chkhenkeli Is Appointed As A Minister of Education and Science

An appropriate statement was signed up by Prime Minister, Giorgi Gakharia today.