Giorgi Sisauri's Personal Exhibition to be Opened in Sofia

Exposition, called "Touch of Heaven" is created by young Georgian calligrapher and artist, which unites 38 letters of Georgian alphabet, miniatures, and graphical art pieces.

Georgian Officers Park to be Opened in Wroclaw

The park named after Georgian Officers was opened in Wroclaw. 

Five Georgian Citizens in Wuhan don't Consider Evacuation

“By this point, I do not consider evacuation,” Georgian citizen in Wuhan Nino Davlianidze told Georgian First Channel.

Abandoned Bus Stops in Abkhazia

Photographer from Belgium,Isabelle Van Assche traveled in Abkhazia and shared photos of abandoned bus stops:

Eldar Shengelaia's New Film to be Screened in National Archive Film Theater

The short film "Well" is an adaptation of the novel "Well" written by Rezo Cheishvili.

Challenges in Vocational Education

A new model for developing vocational education teachers will be introduced.

Working in Hollywood with Voltage Pictures - Story of Miranda Namicheishvili

Miranda Namicheishvili is a young film director from Georgia, who had an opportunity to work in Hollywood with Voltage Pictures.

Embassy of US Sums the Results of Georgia-US Relations in 2019

As a result of active cooperation between the United States and Georgia, bilateral partnerships have been strengthened by the implementation of strategically important decisions in 2019