Modern Art Announced the Exhibition of Karlo Kacharava in London

Modern Art has announced an exhibition of Karlo Kacharava's works! The first exhibition, curated by Sania Kantarowski and Scott Taylor, will be held in October 2021 at the Modern Art Helmet Row in London.

Opening of Armenian Theater in Tbilisi to Postpone for 2 Years

The Armenian Theater of Tbilisi, which has a long history, will not have a new building for several more years. Completion of the planned large-scale construction has been postponed for 2 years, until 2023.

Mikho Simonishvili Starts Accepting Students at Swiss Agriculture School Caucasus

Former Minister of Agriculture and owner of Margebeli Holding, Mikho Simonishvili started accepting students at the Swiss Agriculture School Caucasus with Swiss partners.

Nika Gujejiani's Scholarship Program at Miami Ad School is Now Open

Applications for Nika Gujejiani's Scholarship Program at Miami Ad School Europe are now open.

Sandro Gegechkori Wins Barcelona Piano Competition

Young pianist Sandro Gegechkori wins the 66th International Music Competition Maria Canals Barcelona.

Tamar Gabunia: We are Waiting for Pfizer Vaccine in the Coming Days

According to the Deputy Minister of Healthcare, Tamar Gabunia, Georgia will receive the Pfizer vaccine in the upcoming days, however, the exact date is not specified. 

Georgian 90s Movies- Main Themes and Highlights of the Era

The 90s were not very fruitful in Georgian cinema. Due to lack of money, the work on the films was delayed for years, many cinematographers left the creative process.

Satibe - New Residential Place Near Tbilisi

"Satibe" is a new residential place near Tbilisi, in the village of Orbeti. It is located exactly 35 km from Vake Park.

Marjanishvili Theater Starts Traveling to New Spaces

Marjanishvili Theater leaves the traditional building and starts traveling to new spaces.