Georgia to get Assistance in Road Safety and Traffic Control from European Countries

On June 1 and 2, experts from Belgium, Lithuania and Poland will share their best practices and experience on road safety and traffic control with representatives of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Rehabilitation of Mziuri Park Soon to be Completed

The rehabilitation of Mziuri Park is close to an end.

Anti-crisis Plan for Education - New, Additional Emphases Focuse on Remote Learning to be Acquired

Discussion was held about the Anti-Crisis Plan and program in the field of education at the government session. 

Gallery Project ArtBeat to Participate in NADA Online Art Fair

An online art fair will be held on May 20, 2020 with the new initiative of NADA.

UN to Allocate $1 million To Support COVID-19 Response in Georgia

On 15 May a proposal of the UN country team in Georgia was approved.

Restriction on Gathering 10 Individuals Remains in Place

As commonly known, Government Resolution has been released to remove a lockdown from beauty salons and aesthetic medicine centers from May 18, 2020.

Buses and Metro May Resume Working from May 22

The Ministry of Healthcare will send the recommendation to coordinating council within the three days of how and under what kind of regulations public transport should be resumed.

Maro - a Label Created for Distilled Wine ღVINO

The painting is made by Lomero Akhveldiani, who painted it for the drink "Maro" and dedicated it to a co-founder of Artana Wines, Mariam Palavandishvili.

Project ArtBeat: Daily Routine of Georgian Artist Maia Naveriani During Covid-19

Project ArtBeat is a contemporary art gallery based in Tbilisi. They've decided to ask artists what their daily routine is like during the pandemic and how the respond it creatively. Gallery Artbeat interviewed Georgian artist, Maia Naveriani.