The New Rebranded Station of SOCAR is Designed with Shamrocks and Irish Pub Elements

Almost everyone has heard about SOCAR’s ongoing creative campaign which is dedicated to the 2020 Football Championship.

Unique masterpieces and creative technique of painting - Tbilisi hosts the exhibition of famous Georgian artist

"Space transferred in color" - this is the title of the exhibition hosted by the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on October 11th.

The Washington Times: Georgia is Key for Latest Geopolitical Strategies Realignment

From Europe to Asia, geopolitical strategies are realigning, and all of the moving pieces converge in the Caucasus region, which includes three post-Soviet countries: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Consulate of Georgia to Open in San Francisco

A consulate of Georgia will open in Italian city of Bari and in American city of San Francisco, said Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Ninua.

Bocuse d’Or National Championship Holds in Georgia

Bocuse d’Or national contest holds in Georgia for the first time. Time for receiving applications has already run out, which means, that 8 participants must be chosen from 100 applicants.

Challenges to Protecting Personal Data In Georgia- the State Inspector and IRC Director met with Open University students

State Inspector Londa Toloraia and Giorgi Gabrielashvili, Director of the Center for Innovation and Reforms (IRC) met with Open University students

Energy-Efficient Kindergarten Opened in Tianeti Powered by Solar Energy

A modern newly built kindergarten in Simoniantkhevi village (Tianeti municipality, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region) opened its doors on September 18, 2019, to the children from 6 small nearby villages.

The most famous Georgian dogs are looking for Humans

Kutsa, Mila, Kursha, Tsugeria, Kita, Ray- those are the heroes of Bank of Georgia's new campaign. 

Tbilisi Mayor: We will Have One of the Advanced Transport Systems in Europe

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze has talked about the transport policy details.